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Special Olympics Intl

Volunteer fitness instructors rotate weekly to keep the workouts fresh and fun.  Inclusive sets of activities get everyone moving at their own pace and enjoying themselves, while creating strong and healthy joints and muscles.

Cub Fit can be a great way of introducing people to some of our other sports on offer. For those who wish to Special Olympics Isle of Man will introduce them to activities they fell might be of interest.

Club Fit

Our “Club Fit” fitness program is suitable for all levels of ability, regardless of shape, size, and fitness level.  

The Benefits of participating in the “Club Fit” fitness program…

Classes include a warm up, 5-10 minutes of cardiovascular routines, a cool down, strength training, floor work and stretching. Both high and low impact options are demonstrated. Instructors may also incorporate stationary exercise bikes, power balls, and other equipment into their routines to keep it interesting and fun.

Co-ordinator Dave Hudson - Location Centre 21, Douglas Day Monday Time 6pm to 7pm